Price List

  • Microblading Consultation - complimentary 
  • Microblading Session - 425.00
  • Microblading Touch Up - two touch up appointments included
  • Microblading Addition Touch Ups - 150.00
  • Microblading 1-2 Year Touch Up - 200.00

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What is Microblading?

Microblading is an advanced technique where a superfine row of needles are used to create thin, hair like strokes with inserted pigment. Unlike permanent cosmetic tattooing, Microblading inserts the coloured pigment into the epidermis and top of the dermis, and is therefore only semi-permanent.

How long does it take/last?

The process of Microblading takes approx. four appointments. The consultation, the first Microblading appointment, followed by two touch up appointments, each 4-8 weeks later. The consultation takes a half hour, the first appointment takes roughly two hours, and the touch up is an hour and a half. Once all appointments are complete, it will last 1-2 years, depending on how well the skin holds pigment.

Does it hurt?

Before the Microblading process, a topical numbing agent will be applied to the brow area where it will remain for 30-45 minutes. While it is active, the client will feel little to no sensation. As it wears off, a slight irritation may be felt.

How long is the recovery/healing period?

The recovery period is within 5-12 days until the hair strokes are completely healed. There is no down time associated with Microblading. You will be sensitive and slightly inflamed by the end of the procedure, but inflammation usually subsides within 24-36 hours. Aftercare will be discussed in detail during each appointment.

What happens during the consultation?

Throughout this appointment, the brow area will be examined for existing hair and the desired brow shape will be discussed. A variety of stenciled shapes will be applied with a brow pencil to give the client a trial of what the finishing product will look like. Once a shape is decided, we will discuss the process of the Microblading appointments to follow.

What happens during the first treatment?

The first treatment starts by stencilling the desired brow shape discussed during the consultation. Once the stencil is finished and agreed to, the numbing process will begin. The numbing agent is applied and rests for 30-45 minutes. Colour matches are then made, which the client decides upon. Once the antigen is fully active, it is then removed and the blading process begins. A pigment mask will remain atop of the incisions for 10 minutes to allow the pigment to sink deep into the hair strokes. The mask is then removed and the first treatment is complete.

What happens during the touch up?

The purpose of this process is to replenish the Microbladed area by adding additional hair strokes to those that faded. Please note that It is crucial that the client continues to the touch up treatment. Without it, the pigment will completely fade from the brow area, as the touch up consolidates the pigment farther into the skin, thus preventing fading. A touch up is required within 4-8 weeks. Once the 8 week mark is passed, a $150.00 touch up fee will be charged.

When will I see results? 

The results are immediate. Following the first appointment, it is completely normal for some hair strokes to fade from the bladed area. The finished product will be at the end of the second touch up appointment.

The following individuals are not recommended to undergo the Microblading procedure:

  • Diabetics
  • Hemophiliacs
  • Allergies to any pigments/metals
  • Individuals with HIV or other Hepatitis Viruses
  • Mustn't be pregnant or lactating
  • No Botox Injections for 3 months
  • No Filler Injections for 6 months
  • No Chemotherapy treatments for 6 months